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 Comedian. Hero. Legend. 

It has been said that legends are made, not born. 

It’s also been said that heroes come from unlikely places. 

What has not been said – until now - is how a lay up and never giving up can lead to stand up. 

The fastest rising star and hardest working man in comedy, Demetrius “Juice” Deason, grew up in a South Central LA motel room with his mother, sister and brother and had learning difficulties so severe that sometimes he was embarrassed to speak. 

In Junior High, Juice found his confidence on the basketball court. As his game improved, so did his sense of humor, which earned him a reputation among his teammates as the kid who could make everyone laugh. Long before Russell Westbrook became the Most Valuable Player in the NBA, Demetrius Deason was right beside him, dribbling a basketball and cracking his best friend up while unknowingly establishing his own future legacy. 

After the death of his beloved stepfather, Deason’s mother nearly died of kidney failure, then Deason suffered a back injury in college that killed his dream of being a pro player, and was called home before graduating to help care for his siblings and his mother while she recuperated. He worked at an El Pollo Loco for 3 years and slept on the floor of the family’s tiny apartment, which is where he decided to transform his punches into punchlines and channel his broken basketball aspirations and impoverishment into a thriving career in comedy.

Juice’s legacy is to use creative humor to motivate people to turn their failures into success and empower them to face hardships and fight adversity with laughter and courageous action, just like he has.  

With his honest and relatable style, Deason’s been compared to, and inspired by some of the most respected comedians in the industry, including Richard Pryor; Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence. Like them, he finds “the funny” in situations and people he encounters in real life. “I believe my shows are more than just another Comedy show because we bring the roaring thunder of a basketball game, the thrill and excitement of a party and the hilarity and laughter of comedy to the stage.” 

Russell Westbrook has called his best friend Deason, “The hardest working comedian in the industry.” Deason calls Westbrook, “The reason he believes nothing is impossible.”

Demetrius “Juice” Deason has quickly gained popularity on the national comedy scene since founding his company Layups2standup in 2013. He’s taken his Layups2Standups show across the country to raise money for community and charity events and shared the stage with some of today’s leading artists. Deason’s a creative tour de force and a consummate businessman who’s very deliberate about the quality of each show; from concept to creation and production, he has his hand in every aspect of his business. 

In 2016 and 2017, Juice partnered with his old friend Russell Westbrook in a highly acclaimed comedy event based on Westbrook’s well-known motto of Why Not?? Their goal to raise funds for the YMCA was a smashing success: They sold 400 tickets in 2016 and all 1000 seats at the 2017 event.  

In January of 2018, Juice embarks on the national Why Not?? All Star Comedy Tour, which, like all of his other shows, is sure to sell out. 

Juice believes that we all have a legacy and he inspires and encourages everyone he meets to: “Never give up and know that anything you dream is possible.” 

With numerous projects, products, shows and events in the works for 2018 and beyond, Juice Deason is bringing his own legend to life and establishing his legacy as one of America's top comedians by inspiring audiences everywhere to find the unstoppable force within them to bring their own legend to life. 

 Demetrius “Juice” Deason